Opening of the cabaret music-hall Les Folies Bergère
Les Folies Bergere

Built by architect Plumeret, the opera house was a staple of the Parisian nightlife during the Belle Époque in the 1910s, 20s, and 30s.

The name is made up of "folie" (referring to the country house), and "Bergère", referencing the nearby rue Bergère (superstitious beliefs that the name be thirteen would be letters long account for the lack of "s" which would usually mark the plural form of "Bergère").

Some of the biggest names in entertainment appeared at the Folies Bergère, including Jean Gabin, Frank Sinatra, Maurice Chevalier, Édith Piaf, Fernandel, Ella Fitzgerald, Marcel Marceau, Joséphine Baker, Yves Montand, Mistinguett, Charles Trénet, Dalida, Elton John, Charlie Chaplin, and Benny Hill, among others.

The Folies Bergère is still open today and remains a landmark venue of the French capital.
Paris, France
May 2, 1869
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