Inauguration of George Washington, first president of the United States
Inauguration of George Washington

The inauguration of the first president of the United States was held on April 30th in 1789.

Elected unanimously by the Electoral College, President-Elect George Washington traveled from Virginia to then-capital New York City, where the nation's first Capitol, Federal Hall, was located. There, he was introduced to the House of Representatives and Senate, and shortly afterwards, took the oath of office, becoming the first President of the United States. He appointed Alexander Hamilton as his Secretary of Treasury and Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State.

Washington was aware of the magnitude of his position, and aimed to set a good precedent as the nation's first leader.

Washington was the only president to receive a vote from every elector of the Electoral College. He served a second term, and refused to run for a third one.
New York, New York
April 30, 1789
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