West african clothing
West african clothing
Traditional Clothing

The meaning behind the colors of the traditional African costumes is linked to the traditional practices of the various tribes. The casual designs of an African fabric tend to have a very bright and vibrant appearance. This is because the bright colors are associated with happiness and riches. However, bright colors are also used to show status and importance through the use of a specific color. For example, the traditional African clothes that were worn by chiefs were made in a bright yellow color. The traditional spirituality of many African tribes has very specific meanings behind the colors. For instance, red represents the blood of the ancestors. Black represents the dark past and the hope for the future. White represents the hope for a new beginning. Bright colors are very popular in Africa, and it is difficult to find dull and boring colors in Africa. This is because these bright colors are associated with the brighter future that awaits Africans.
Bronx International High School
June 2, 2023
Fatoumata Diallo
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