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The last of us

Joel, the protagonist, is a man who has suffered a lot in life and has developed a tough and suspicious attitude to survive in a world devastated by the pandemic. However, his life changes when he is tasked with escorting Ellie to a resistance group, the Fireflies, who are searching for a cure for the virus. Ellie, on the other hand, is a brave and intelligent young woman who has had to learn to survive in a dangerous world. As Joel and Ellie travel together, emotional bonds develop and they begin to trust each other.

During their journey, the duo faces dangers such as gangs of looters, desperate people, and the infected, who are in different stages of the infection. In addition, the story also explores topics such as ethics in science, morality in difficult times

this is because almost at the end of the adventure Joel and Ellie arrive at the Fireflies, the resistance group that is looking for a cure for the pandemic. They discover that the only way to develop a cure is by extracting a fungus growing in Ellie's brain, which would kill her in the process. Joel, who has developed a strong emotional bond with Ellie, opposes the idea and rescues Ellie from the Firefly base by killing most of the organization.

In the last scene, Joel and Ellie argue about what happened at the Firefly base and Joel lies to Ellie that there were others who were immune, and that the investigation had failed. Ellie seems suspicious of Joel's words, but she decides to move on. The last scene shows Joel and Ellie walking towards an uncertain future, but together.

ending with a selfish decision on Joel's part that because of the love he took for Ellie due to the relationship of her daughter, Joel's death condemns humanity to extinction because she lied to him that she was not the only one immune
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