Hi my name is Claudia, I am in school and I want to talk about immigration
Change for the better.

In the global class of my school we are in a project that deals with the immigration of the past and the immigration that exists today... I want to focus more on change as over time the world has taken a radical turn.

Before, the opportunities that we can have now did not exist, although there is something that is similar for all immigrants: most of us go through illegal borders without documents, etc., and the reason for all of us is because of the economy and better stability than in our country of origin.

There was a disadvantage in earlier times, however, I think that still happens, which is that not having documents makes it a little more difficult for us, especially when looking for work. There are some jobs that pay us a little less per hour than the regular salary that must be paid.... but there are people who are lucky enough to find something fair that we can do.

Also, the treatment of immigrants is now perhaps easier than in the days before. Slavery has been abolished and people are no longer forced to leave their countries as a punishment. Things in modern times have improved and we continue to do so.
The world.
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