Character: David Mercer for "ABNO REPORTS"
Horror game

In the year 2057 a man named David Mercer suddenly wakes up with no memory of what happened before. He seems to be in the middle of downtown Manhattan but he soon realizes something is truly wrong because he picked up a newspaper and saw that the world had been infected by a tendril virus knows as the spark. In disbelief Mercer tries to call out for help but what he realizes is that help was a far cry away than the things that were suddenly chasing him. He begins to run away from these things that looked like mutated humans and is aided by a random woman who distracts the mutated humans away. He would seek shelter with the woman and she would tell Mercer that her name is Ally and that he doesn't belong on this earth and would help him return to it by killing the source of the spark and the mutated humans that stand in their way.
BASE Bronx, NY
Kristoffer Waite and Evan Minaya
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