The importance of Fair Play in competitive sports
The Martial Arts Game; A Lesson in Fair play and Respect

There was a program that was designed to teach martial art games to students. The students were invited to participate in a game where they would face different famous characters. The game was simple: you would fight against different characters and you would select the winner. Two students joined the fight. The black t-shirt aka Evan stepped up to fight. He was quick to dodge and smart. He managed to land several hits. While the red t-shirt aka Sincere has a natural flair for the martial arts game, and we were impressed with his quick reflexes and powerful moves.

Finally, the fight comes to an end and it was time for you to select the winner. You took a moment to observe both fighters, and you decided that the student in red had performed exceptionally well. You will declare him the winner.
A Day at Bronx Academy For Software Engineering
Salma Alhirdi
Digital Historian workshop in Jon Mannion's AP CS class
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