My experience in MetaBronx Internship.
Here I talk about my experience in the MetaBronx Internship.
How MetaBronx can affect my life.

What did I learn from the MetaBronx internship?

First of all, MetaBronx is a company that helps the starter companies to grow up, the one is located in The Bronx, New York.
On MetaBronx, I learned a lot of things that will help me in the future. These things have to do with companies, cybersecurity, finance, software and a web site called The Glass Files. The first time on MetaBronx we were interviewed by Ana, one of the managers of MetaBronx, we answered questions like why I chose MetaBornx?, age, name, my home country and how many languages do I speak. They also introduced some apps like Slack and Discord to the community to our supervisors and also, they taught us how to use the web site The Glass Files, why it was created and what it means. We learned how to create our profile and create our own story on The Glass Files. We also learned how to do hashtags, the description and how to put pictures on our profile. We created stories on this web, and we shared it with our classmates, our school and families and we presented our story in our class. This web site allows us to upload any type of photography and write about it. It can be a biography, document, video, article, artwork and many other topics, so this web site allows you to write about almost anything. We go on Twitter and then find the MetaBronx post from 2019 - 2021 to copy the link in slack and also write our own marketing about MetaBronx. We also used Discord because we cannot use slack on the computer. We add people who are entrepreneurs, inventors, education and technologies then we research about companies' profiles and information. We did a zoom meeting with more than 100 people that have knowledge about finance and know what they are doing (Companies CEOs, CO-founders and Managing partners) and we saw and heard how they think to become successful. We also learned about Ryan Nece, he is an NFL athlete who empowers athletes to create their own HD content, something that FOX bought in 2014. This motivates Ryan to create NextPlay. NextPlay is a company where Ryan Nece is a CO-founder, NextPlay is a digital business who helps people who play video games, travelers, and digital adversities have more opportunities. His story makes me think differently and also makes me want to know more about finance and software. In conclusion, MetaBronx has had, and will have an impact on my life.
Bronx, New York
Albert D.
Photo by Marcos Yagual / Gregori velasquez
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