What is NGINX

NGINX is another popular open source web server developed by Igor Sysoev. It is well known for High-performance load balancer and it is dedicatedly designed to accelerate a large Apache‑based.

NGINX PHP-FPM (PHP – FastCGI Process Manager) is a better option for higher performance. PHP-FPM is an alternative FastCGI for PHP, which intends to handle high loads. NGINX uses event-driven architecture and occupies around 10MB of RAM while handling a large number of requests. PHP-FPM is enhanced in terms of speed. It is a lot better than a mod_php module – a default module in Apache HTTP server. PHP-FPM is an independent process and does not require to be loaded by the web server, whereas mod-php locks out the processes and affects the website performance. In addition, PHP-FPM is loaded with some effective features including:

Adaptive process spawning
Support for a "slowlog"
Stdout & stderr logging
Basic statistics
Accelerated upload support
Emergency restart during accidental opcode cache destruction
…and much more.
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