About our experience in MetaBronx and the things that I learned with'em
Meta Bronx things that I learned and more

What is MetaBronx

MetaBronx is the leading startup accelerator in NYC for under-represented founders -- women, people of color, LGBTQ+ inventors of technology-based solutions to large-scale problems. I like MetaBronx because there are a lot of things that I can learn like Storytelling, Marketing, Art Design, Media Broadcasting, Event production, Product Project management, Software engineering, Finance and more. MetaBronx has an excellent group of work which are focused on helping people to improve themselves.
On my first day in MetaBronx I had an interview with their program manager Phillip, Sara, Ms Martines and more people. They asked me a lot of questions like Why did you choose MetaBronx? They asked about my age, name. Where am I from?, How many languages do I speak?, If I have any social media accounts?, if I know how to do and edit videos, If we have a question?, If I have a Phone and which brand it is. Then they asked my questions about what I am interested in, like the thing that I mentioned before. Also they teach us how to use The Glass File which is a page where you can tell and relate your story or interestings things around the world.We had to learn about it then go to school and teach to our classmates during our crew class.Then they teach us how to use Slack is kinda like group chats where we punch in and out in apprentices hours. Then we have a software team, in_ichs, marketing, random and general all those groups contain different information. This is where we get information about the thighs that we're gonna work on.
The next week in Meta Bronx we did. The Meta Bronx survey had multiple questions about our information. Information like our name and last name, Our slack screen name, our school name. Then they give us the different things and roles that we can choose to work on.
1.Storytelling Marketing
2. Art Design
3. Media Broadcasting
4. Even production
5. Product Project management
6. Software engineering
7. Finance
We had to select our first choice, our second choice. That's how we let them know what we want to work and they can decide what is the best position for us in this lovely family which is MetaBronx.
Another thing that we did in MetaBronx is Code Academy where every student has their own team and Gregori and Aicha Cisse were working in the software program learning about Html & Css, Java script, Python. We practice the Html one, for example the Introduction, the elements, Attributes, Headings, Paragraph, link of images & videos, comments, tables, list and the page title. We are still working on it to create a website using codes.
Meta Bronx has an invite list which is based on adding people who are entrepreneurs, inventors, education and technologie. The ad takes them to the next level. We do the research about company profiles and the information. Background of some people who are interested about non profit organizations. All those things are for people who want to improve and be successful in life.
One of the last things that we did in MetaBronx was Meeting via zoom with important people. Those people manage an important company and they were talking about business. Those people are Theresia Gouw, Ryan Nece and more than 100 other people.

Bronx, NY
Gregori Velasquez
My mind/MetaBronx.com / photo by Marcos Yagual and Gregori Velasquez
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