My Experience in METABRONX
In the World of Acceptance

In Meta Bronx I learned to communicate, share my idea without nobody judging me, and being accepted.
The first day that I come there I started my interview with questions like: my name, the languages I speak and familiar with, my phone number and email.
I learn to be a writer, to write my own story as I want and being proud of myself.
I learned and shared my skills to others in society such as my classmates and I enjoy sharing my knowledge to my friend and even with my teachers.
I also learn a new applications where I can communicate with my team professionally and share ideas with them which is Slack and Discord.
To find where I really belong I did a survey and watch a video about META BRONX to really answer all my questions that I will ask in the future about them.
I like technology and advocating for people so they my supervisors give me a website where I can practice my Coding skills on CodeAcademy.
I learn Html And I am still learning on that website such as the page title, elements, paragraphs, headings, how to links an image and video, make a lists and creating a table.
I really like the way I was so focus on learning new things and discovering my skills of debater and a leader.
Aicha Cisse
personal story / photo by Marcos Yagual and Gregori Velasquez
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