What I learned in MetaBronx
What I learned in MetaBronx

My first day in Meta Bronx was great because they Interview me and ask some question like. Why did you choose Meta Bronx? They ask about our age, name. Where are you from? How many languages do you speak? etc...
I learned a lot of stuff in Meta Bronx such as how to created a profile and story in GLASSFILES. We did the glass file introduction
What’s it mean and why it was creating. We did 4 days ( Thursday and Friday) in our crew with Anah, Sarah , Martinez, Alejandra, Fatoumata. We teach them how to do ( hashtags, description, how to put pictures in our profile).
I learned about Slack and Discord because in MB we communicate in slack but we can not use slack in computer so we star using discord and we was able to discuss in computer. In Meta Bronx every student have their own team like,
1.Storytelling Marketing
2. Art Design
3. Media Broadcasting
4. Even production
5. Product Project management
6. Software engineering
7. Finance
I choose Storytelling Marketing because I like to share my story so people can know little about me.
Meta Bronx is a great thing that can help you learned a lot of stuff.
New York
Ibrahim Sacko
personal story / photo by Marcos Yagual and Gregori Velasquez
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