self portrait of Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci
The history of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was born in Vinci, on this day in 1452.

Da Vinci was an Italian polymath interested in a plethora of subjects: architecture, astronomy, botany, cartography, engineering, geology, history, inventing, mathematics, music, science, and writing.

He did not formally study any of these disciplines but dedicated his life to passionately solving problems while following his artistic inclinations.

King Francis I of France offered a castle as residence to da Vinci in 1516 as he wanted to elevate the level of the French Renaissance so it was on par with the Italian Renaissance.

Da Vinci's method of reasoning combined art and science, forming a unique school of thought that embraced empiricism.

World Art Day is celebrated every April 15th in honor of Leonardo da Vinci.
Anchiano, Vinci
April 15, 1452
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