High School, or in others words: my game.
My Game
Of World Cultures

High School for me was a game and by the end of this game I had to win, my winning was a Diploma. In this game were challenges like bullying, language learning, passing 5 Regents and adapting in a new country.

The Build program was my home in this game where I could be myself and learn, building my personality and my professional life. Lunch is where I made friends and shared stories about myself and had fun.

In this game, I did not have a favorite subject but a lot of time I was in Gym, my favorite place. In the middle of this game I realized I did not like High School of World Cultures. I was depressed all the time, maybe in my mind I was like "this game is not for me." But it wasn't the game, it was me. I decided to change my high school but it did not work. In this game someone told me: it's not World Cultures it's the person, osea yo..

I decided stay in the game at World Cultures and they become not just a game but a family. In 2021 was the end of this game, I can say today in 2023 I miss my game so much.
Bronx, NY, USA
Ana Francisco
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