Joseph Lister was born in England on April 5,1827
Joseph Lister
Joseph Lister's life

Joseph Lister was born in England on April 5, 1827.

Lister was a British surgeon who pioneered the use of antiseptics during surgery, and as such has been dubbed as the "father of modern surgery". Prior to his discovery, surgeons would proudly fashion their operating room attire, as the stains were a sign of experience. Similarly, surgeons were not required to wash their hands before consulting with a patient.

Lister studied papers by French chemist Louis Pasteur in which he observed the link between food spoilage and anaerobic organisms (which do not require oxygen to grow). Lister developed his own theory to test the efficacy of chemical solutions as antiseptics on wounds. His wife Agnes was his lifetime assistant in the laboratory
April 5, 1827
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