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A multifaceted creative from The Bronx, best defined as a cinematographer and photographer. After obtaining a BFA in Film and Animation from the Rochester Institute of Technology, her time has been spent growing her experience in photography, editorial video production, digital marketing, and community engagement.

Observation, inspiration and determination have been my foundation for success. During her academic career, her knowledge and passion for media production grew with each
storyboard, shotlist, film treatment and production binder she created. Olivia’s strong familiarity with digital media and web video comes from her passion for digital content. She can seamlessly dive into all stages of the production process, including research and development, video editing, field production, asset tracking, and equipment management.

For her, being a filmmaker is an indulgence. Something that can only be described by instinct and passion. A chance to create your own world, have a voice and share it with others as you see fit. Contributing to a story that is bigger than myself with fresh and dynamic ideas is always the main goal.

In 2023 she’s enthusiastic about working more closely on documentary, social and experimental media. You can check out this site to discover her most recent projects.
The Bronx
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