Do you like a challenge? Then create your own limits, show us who you are.

What is MetaBronx?

Is it an organization that offers summer jobs to prepare teenagers to adapt to the workplace. You might think this is a typical internship, but you are wrong!

MetaBronx is more that a regular job; MetaBronx is us.

It is an organization for students who have a goal and want to grow in this small city called The Bronx. It is a company that can teach you how to face a challenge, and where you can compete among fellow students with bright intellects, knowledge, cultures and languages.

Do you like the challenge?

Then create your own limits, show who you are and what you are capable of doing. Use those skills as assets, as stepping stones and use your experience to become an example that you can be more than just a volunteer looking for money.

Leave a footprint and turn those goals into your greatest power: to open a door in the working world, explore, challenge your skills, learn and do what the 99% don't do.
Bronx, NY
Abigail Rodriguez
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