Egyptian actor Omar Sharif was born on April 10, 1932
Omar Sharif was born
Happy Birthday Omar Sharif!

Egyptian actor Omar Sharif was born as Michel Dimitri Chalhoub, in Alexandria, on April 10th in 1932.

As a child, he excelled at languages (as an adult, he spoke Arabic, English, Greek, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian fluently), and graduated from college with a degree in mathematics and physics. He later studied acting at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

His acting career began in Egypt in 1954 with roles in "Shaytan al-Sahra" and "Sira ` Fi al-Wadi" and was met with such success that he made his international debut less than a decade later in "Lawrence of Arabia". From then on, Sharif became an established actor. Being a polyglot, he said, enabled him to "play the role of a foreigner without anyone knowing exactly where I came from". Omar Sharif passed away in 2015, and is remembered as the most famous Arab in Hollywood.
April 10, 1932
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