About how african American and how unfair is government with them.
Government have to be fair and pay to the descendants of african american people
Should the USA Pay Money to the Descendant of African Slaves?

Should the USA Pay Money to the Descendant of African Slaves?

That's it. A big problem of the current discussion is of reparation for black Americans or Black African descendants. This is necessary because based on the Central idea of the American dream. That we all have opportunities to generate the kind of wealth That brings meaning to the world's life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, boldly penned in the Declaration of Independence”.

The first reason we need reparations is the U.S Government allowed slavery.

According to why we need reparations for black Americans by Reshawn Rey and Andre M. Perry. “Reparations is a system of redress for egregious injustice are not foreign the United States. Native Americans have received land and billions of dollars for various benefits and programs for being forcibly moved from their native lands. Black Americans are not the only group that has not received reparations for state sanctioned racial discrimination, while slavery afforded some while families the ability to accrue tremendous wealth.” This means that the government doesn’t want to pay and give money to the African decedents like Black Americans. They made different laws not to pay that money and not to support these people. That is an injustice since they enslaved their ancestors and made them work for free thus exploiting their resources the acres that they would grant es amount other things.

A second reason is The U. S Government Has The Ability to Pay.

They had opportunities to atone for slavery.For example, 40 Acres and a mule. The first major opportunity that the United States had and where it should have atoned for slavery was right after the civil war. Union leaders including general William Sherman concluded that each black family should receive 40 acres. Sherman signed field order 15 and allocated 400,000 acres of confiscated confederate land to black families.” This means that those people had the opportunity to stop slavery and give back the land and many things that they took from the black families but they did not do it. It is not known what they did with this money, mules, and with the acres that they would grant to these families and this shows that they had the option and the opportunity to do it. However, they did not do it even though the order was signed.

A third reason is a moral obligation by the United States. Black Americans managed to receive individual payments.

For example, “The U.s Government owes the wages as well as damages to the people it helped enslave. In addition to the lost wages, the accumulative amount of restitution for individuals should climate the racial wealth gap that currently exists. According to the federal reserve’s most recent numbers in 2016, based on the survey of consumer finances, white families had the highest median family wealth at $171,000 compared to black and Hispanic families which had $17,600 and $20,700 respectively.” This shows a clear example that the government should exercise and promote equality among all people since white families manage to get better benefits and higher figures. This should change and improve the system so that black families can improve their lifestyles after so many years of slavery.

In conclusion, should U.S.A pay money to the decedents of African slaves? Some people say that the U.S.A is not responsible to give back this money because it was part of the past. Now they have a new government and that was a problem of the leaders from the past. However, this is false because the government of the United States stole that money and property from the descendants of Africans and this means that the government and the leaders of the United States have to give something to the descendants of African slaves in order to reach an agreement and resolve all these problems.

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May 2022
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