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It’s really important that when we are in the creative process of making anything to heal whatever is within us because it starts with us on a deeper human level way before it starts on an artist level whether it’s as a songwriter, engineer, a producer, as an artist or wherever you are, from either in the beginning or to an expert mastery level. We want to just drop our egos and want to be more comfortable with ourselves but not comfortable enough where we’re afraid to be uncomfortable. It’s more about building your confidence on that and about being humble about what you're feeling and what you want to create. It can start with a simple hello to the person next to you or making friends and to connect because this is all about collaboration and this isn’t about no competition. Once you realize that, you’ll create more space and be more open to things. Someone next to you could have a better idea than you have and instead of shutting it down, you would want to be open & hear that because someone could give you something more than what you already think or create in your mind and make it bigger and expand more. It all starts with you and we're here to create an/with intention. Give thanks, show appreciation, and have gratitude for where you are right now. Your further away from where you started to get to where you want to be so keep going with whatever it is your doing. It’s about pushing through the uncomfortable stage of not being good at something because that's the only way we get better.
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