saw this beautiful quote while I was walking

In the most hardest & ugliest times is when it will transform into one of the most beautiful lessons you could learn in life. Will be the most transformative & growth changing experience. In rough times the mind goes through all different kinds of emotions and it can be all too much & frustrating. & sometimes because of how we feel, we can react recklessly to others or on the situation. We let our emotions get the best of us, take over and in that moment of ugliest times it can feel like it will last forever. That the feeling you’re having or the situation your at will last. we never really go towards thinking that in those moments we need to just feel whatever emotion comes because they weren’t being brought up for no reason, it’s something that needs acknowledgment in why & we have to nurture ourselves with that. instead of focusing on blaming yourself for why your feeling angry or sad, in those moments it teaches you more about yourself. Gets you more closer & deeper into how you can manage with you & your mind. shows you how to handle yourself in similarly or different situations. It shows when in those ugly times you choose to go within instead of lashing out is a very powerful & beautiful to do in those situations. In Retrospect The Years Of Struggle Will Strike You The Most Beautiful because you are able to learn, feel, experience, grow & transform as a person. The experience is apart of what makes us human.
August 10, 2022
chanyse b
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