How I Chose My Blog Title And Why.
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My Blog Article Title.

A Taste Of The Future-

The Youth Rising-

Agriculture Within American Walls-

I chose the title "The Youth Rising" because it makes more sense with what this summer program is about. It connects both the blog article and the youth within this company by making a point of how important the youth are. We are the future, and we are change. The youth relates to every part of this article in the ways that we will be the ones to change the pesticide issue. We will be the ones to discover untold secrets of the world.

I did not choose "A Taste Of The Future" because at the end of re-reading it over and over again it seemed cringey. I did not choose "Agriculture In American Walls" because the threads do not discuss heavily about the agriculture aspect in America. It was a small sentence in the thread that inspired that title which was, "sustainable farmers know that a wheat field planted with wildflowers is more resilient."
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