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What I do first is make sure I set all 3 of my alarms so I can get to work early , each and every night . The goal is to wake up before 8 o'clock . So with saying that I have an alarm set at 7:25 , another one set at 7:40 , and the last one set at 7:55 . I always wake up to the last one and I do this because waking up to the first alarm just doesn't feel right , and I end up oversleeping.

The second thing I do is hop into the shower . This morning shower usually only takes like 25 minutes and it is a rule that I must shower with music playing. Then I move on to brush my teeth which takes about only 5 minutes ( I like to brush my teeth twice).

Once I move on from my bathroom routine I get dressed but finding clothes is what mostly takes my time because I am a very indecisive person . Then I do my hair most likely to be in a bun and it takes only 7 minutes and I don't like to eat breakfast most of the time.
Bronx, New York
Karla Burgos
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