Violet and Theodore meet when they are both contemplating suicide, and com
Violet y finch

Theodore deals with mental illness while Violet struggles with the loss of her sister.

On the anniversary of her sister's birthday, she attempts suicide, but Theodore talks her out of it. The students who had seen what had happened thought the opposite had happened and none of them tried to correct them. He reaches out to her through Facebook and they soon become friends with her.

Finch tries to help her gain resilience and get over her tragic past. Teodoro himself is later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Violet is one of the reasons the dark moments in his life seemed temporary.
None of his friends or family really feel like there is anything wrong with him and he feels like he is just being himself. After she tries to help him, he goes on the lam. As she goes looking for him, she finds his car. She is later presumed to have drowned.

This novel extensively addresses the issues of mental illness and trauma and universalizes those issues that are not understood by just anyone.
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