I am a person who is very kind and likes to meet new people
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The story of my life when i was with my mother, in my mother's big family. Us muslims when we marry we don't have to stay in our grandparents' house. The big family yard it was not at all easy, there is discussion about everything every day about family and also a lot of children like me. When my mother prepares food everyone wants to eat because my mother was very nice on everything. Me when I don't do what they told me they say, "it is not your father's house" but it didn't hurt so much, he insulted me with all the words anyway. My mother was a very brilliant woman and by the grace of Allah I came to my father's house in the United States. I can say that it is my mother who educated me. She is the one who taught me to do everything, she gave me the best education in the world. My dream is that my mother comes here one day Inchallah.
Bronx NY
Assata soumahoro
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