Occurrences in which there are several victims of gun violence.
Mass Shootings

-The horrible images of mass shootings have plagued the nation's collective psyche between 2009 and 2020. Every breaking news report causes anguish and rage across the country over this needless, avoidable violence. Although mental illness, domestic violence, and beliefs motivated by hatred are not unique to the United States, our rate of gun homicide is 26 times higher than that of other high-income nations. The accessibility of guns makes a difference. Mass shootings occur more frequently in US states with laxer gun regulations and higher rates of gun ownership.

-Although the majority of gun deaths in the country may be attributed to mass shootings, the facts reveal a more nuanced picture. Mass shootings are actually just the beginning of this nation's problem with gun violence. The majority (more than 99%) of gun fatalities in the US occur in shootings other than mass shootings. Nevertheless, each mass shooting causes sorrow and devastation throughout families, communities, and the country because to the high number of fatalities and frequently extensive and horrifying media coverage linked with them. Mass shootings are mostly avoidable with evidence-based policy interventions, just like the daily gun violence that contributes to the more than 110 gun deaths each day in the US.

-Some mass shootings that happened that shook the world are the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, the Orlando nightclub shooting, the Virginia Tech shooting, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and the 2019 El Paso shooting.

-"1 in 4 mass shooting victims were children and teens."

-The average number of mass shootings in the United States is 19, with highs of 24 in both 2011 and 2013 and lows of 15 in 2010 and 2014. However, there is no universal agreement on what constitutes a mass shooting. Depending on variables like casualty standards or whether the mass shooting occurred in public or not, counts under alternative definitions range from a dozen each year to nearly one per day.
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