8/2/22 What we did yesterday.
Game Design.
8/2/22 NOTES.

Yesterday we made logos/flyers for our client Meta Bronx in which the story telling team and others were creating different logo designs at least 5 per person. With the Art and Design team, Madyson Menzies was creating flyers for the block party. The color scheme she used to make this flyer was brown, white, beige, and black. The hardest part in Madyson's opinion was moving the text box and deleting the words from the text box. Madyson overcame this by using a different font which came out equally as beautiful. A second person from the Art and Design team is Iyanna, the color scheme she used to create her flyer was yellow, red and black. Iyanna used those colors because they were the ones on the website. She had no hard part within creating this flyer for the Block party since she was already very skilled in using the app.

After some time, we had a mentor come in showing us his game that he made on a laptop by himself. He is from High bridge/Bronx like most of us in the room. He shared to us that most of the inspiration for his game came from his surroundings which was something we could all relate to. The game had a lot of iconic characters we knew, rappers such as Coi Leray, and Drake. In my opinion as a girl who grew up in the bronx this game hit close to the heart because of how accurately it depicted New York culture. The creator of the game, Hannibal Royce had stated he made this game using free sites. He let it be known that we could create a game too and that all we needed was a drive to want to do it. I must say, I would never want to create a video game in a million years with all the hard work that must go into it but his teaching inspired me so deeply it made me think a bit about creating my own video game! The class was very interactive with the game he was showing, we were able to play against him picking any character we wanted showing how engaging it was. After we had played the game Mugen, Royce the game creator had wanted all of us to collaborate to create a basketball court background. After we had all put our work together he showed us how it looked when we played the game which gave a sense of teamwork.
Bronx, New York
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