Reflection for today

The first quote has a sense of positivity in failure.. some people don’t like failure at all because it involves the fact of actually failing at sometimes and that can be hard when all humans want is to succeed. When humans hear or experience failure, there’s already a negative impact or energy that comes with use as well. I think that failure is perceived as that if we fail at something then that something is just not for us and we can do it. But without failure, how can we truly succeed at something ? If we don’t experience failure then how can we really have the confidence to do that something ? If we never experienced failure then how can we learn ? Failure teaches us a lot a about ourselves if it wasn’t so negatively perceived. It teaches us to practice and motivation for doing something over and over. It teaches us persistence of to keep pushing for this something. it teaches us new ways to approach things and that there is no one way of doing things, it helps you figure out what your way of doing things. failure teaches you how to be flexible with what your doing & how patient can you be. Failure has a lot of traits that are perceived negatively that end up having a great impact on peoples success. We cannot succeed if we have not failed. It is okay to fail. we are here to experience & learn.

The second quote has a sense of independence because I think it takes a lot for a person to say or realize that no one’s going to save you, it’s gonna take you to do that. & I feel that’s that is a hard pill swallow especially if a person is dependent. Sometimes we think that people are capable to be that person for us, to save us from something and although I think we can but it just won’t be as satisfied as my much if it’s not coming from within us. It takes you to really truly understand that you need you and that it takes you to save yourself. People are wrapped up in their own universe in their heads and experiences to save someone else.. no one’s thinking about you the way you’re thinking about yourself & that can go a long way when really thought about.
Washington Heights
August 1,2022
Chanyse Betanze
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