Experiences working within the glass files.
My Third Week Within The Glass Files.

My third week in the glass files has been calm to say the least. I am the only person in the story telling team which makes the working aspect a little harder. Nonetheless I am still able to manage because of my communication skills. During this week I have simply been creating logos and images for the block party and Meta Bronx and if I'm honest a big blockage right now is creativity and designing. I am not an artist and am not very confident in my designing skills so I am not really fond of making the logos.

When I am able to confidently proceed with my designs that's where story telling kicks in. As a storyteller I have to write about my experiences, my thoughts while designing and working, updates with the other teams, and more as I have been this week. One thing I can say about communicating with other teams to develop a story is the shyness and nervousness. Talking to people is not 'per se' hard but at times the thoughts of what other people may think can over power your mind even as an extrovert. At the end of the day getting the story down pact is all that matters and it gets achieved through the imagination and creativity of your mind and motivation to document what's happening around you.
Bronx, New York.
Briana Lee Cuello
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