Food Access by Sharbie's group
Social Studies and CTE project (food access)
Healthy and Unhealthy Food

This video is about food access in the Bronx, and we in my group are trying to help people to prevent the diseases.

Director: Sharbie Rivaz
Producer: Sharbie Rivaz & Cheila Cortoreal
Camaraman: Doraly Caraballo & Mario Valdera
Youth Reporters: Sharbie Rivaz
B-Rolls: Sharbie Rivaz, Basma Naji, Doraly Caraballo and Cheila Cortoreal
Lightibng & Audio: Sharbie Rivaz & Cheila Cortoreal
Story Consulants: Betty Bastidas & Ali Haridopolos
Bronx, NY
Sharbie, Doraly, Cheila, Basma, Darielis
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