Dominican Tradicion (Sweet Beans)
Sweet Beans

The beans with sweets (Habichuela con dulce), a combination of red beans, milk, sugar, sweet potato, cookies and different spices, is an exclusive dish of the Dominican Republic, and its consumption is mandatory at this time of year. The consumption of traditional beans with sweets is closely linked to Easter and, usually, the preparation begins at first light on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. It is a tradition in families to make beans with sweets at the beginning of Lent and if Mama makes them they are so much better. The tradition is to make it in large quantities, since for many it constitutes a hearty dish, be it hot or cold, and in addition we share it with the neighbors and friends and if there is still some left we keep it in the fridge to repeat again. How delicious it is, many say that the next day tastes better.
Dominican Repablic
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