Why are some people rich and some peoplepoor?
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Some many people are rich and some many people are poor, because the rich people need to pay a lot money in taxes and the poor people need to pay almost the same thing.

NPR National Public Radio declares "The property taxes is about the houses the people have a small house need don't play to much money and also if the people has bigger house they need to pay more taxes,because the taxes depend in the size of the house."
The property the rich people have they need to pay more money in taxes because thy have a bigger house, that's mean if is bigger house you need to spend more money in taxes.

NPR National Public Radio declare " we ought to finance the education of every child in America equality with adjustments made only for the greater or lesser need of certain children."The financial of the education of every child are different because so many child her parents don't have economy to pay the education in many countries.

Stockholm international peace research institute show to us " The change over the time how the going increase and the same time decay in the year 1920 to 2010. The most amount the rich need to pay is 94 percent in the year 1920." The taxes go increase and decay in different years and they need to pay more taxes because the percent increase by the years. You could argue people don't need to pay the same money in taxes because they don't have a lot money. But here's the weakness because thy don't have to much money to pay the same amount of money in taxes.
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NPR National Public Radio ,Stockholm international
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