The government spending is not just for poor and middle class.
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The government affect the resources we have access

Some people are rich and some people are poor because the government spend the money unnecessary to National Priorities Projects. According to National Priorities Project declares,” The United States spends $598.5 billions equals to 54 % that is more than the half of the budget. ” In other words the governments spend the majority of money unnecessary and excessive on the defense. The graph of National Priorities project shows, “ The U.S spend $70 billions equals to 6% of $1.11 trillion in education. “ This is saying that the spending for the education s not enough for the students have a good education and achieve their goals. The graph of Borlect and steels, America : Who Really Pays the taxes? reveals, “ The federals collect more taxes of individuals people than the corporation.” This means that the corporation which gain a lot of money, more than middle class, the government do not collect enough money from them. Some people might say it is good that the government uses that spend $598.5 billion on the defense because the US has many enemies and we could win the war. Although that is too much money for only one country, even 7 countries together do not spend what United states spends, all that money is not necessary. Our country have more importance problems such as homeless people, a lot of people that can not pay for college and help poor and middle class to have a good economic. The government spending is not productive for the society. Of what it is worth that our country is called the richest in the world if there are so many low-income people and students who cannot pay for college because they have to pay thousands of dollars, education is supposed to be free. Additional everything is expensive, the rent is very expensive, car insurance is very expensive, the middle class only works to pay bills. All this shows that there is no balance of economy.
Bremely Tapia
National Priorities Project declares, Borlect and steels, America : Who Really Pays the taxes?
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