Why are some people rich and some people poor?
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Equal Payment

Some people are rich and some are poor because of the opportunities that the government gives its people. National Women Law Center says, ''Asian women were get paid 85 cents for a pay gaps.'' This is because of the high level of education they have. National Women Law Center says,''Black women got paid 61 cent for a pay gaps.'' This shows that black women is getting less paid than men because they don't treat women equally. National Women Law Center says, ''Latina women got paid 53 cents for a pay gaps.'' This means that Latina women is getting less paid because some of them don't have education opportunities. in my opinion poor people should not pay more taxes than rich people. because the government see the hard working of the rich people, so they should not pay more taxes. Also, a lot of people don't have the education opportunities. The government should pay women equally as they pay men because women also work hard and also they need a better system that they should agree to pay gender differences and racial women.

In my opinion I would like to support Joe Biden because he don't want to make change the way America was before. So he don't want this things to happen to the American people.
Bronx, NY
Assatu Jalloh
National Women Law Center
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