The Gender Pay Gap Visualized
Social Studies
Spending money in the United States

In this photo we can see the different types of payment that there are in the United States specifically your nationality. Asian woman they pay 85 cents the reason that the asian get more money is because have more education, latinas woman they pay 53 cents, the native american can to U.S.A. for better life and the american not pay the same money that the american because de american have more levels of education that natives american and de latinas american they not pay the same money that the american because they don't are of U.S.A. So for that U.S.A. they have a lot of poor people because they don't help them when it comes to paying and there are a lot of people who would like to invest money in business but they can't because the government doesn't help them with payments and the rich give them more taxes than the poor in instead of taking it away to help people who need it and to have a better life.
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